Class Descriptions

Awaken Flow

This class offers a gentle, flowing morning practice to release your night's rest, deepen your breath and movement, and focus your mind.  Comfort with moving from seated to standing and being on hands and knees is recommended, blankets and blocks are available to provide support.  


This fully led class draws on the poses from the Ashtanga primary series. Class will begin with warm-up sun salutations to build heat before moving onto longer held standing and balancing postures. Holding poses allows time to move deeper into alignment and develop greater body and spatial awareness. This class is perfect for fit beginners and advanced students as it also serves as a guide to help us observe our bodies and minds on a deeper level.

Beacon Flow

This style of vinyasa will enhance the experience of your spirit. Open to all, we will create a high vibe through elevated beats, play and flow. Our signature Beacon class focuses on moving with the rhythm of your breath to dance upon the present moment with deep intention. This includes fluid transitions, dynamic movement and a beating heart to find your truest expression. You will leave more centered with a light buzz and expansive glow.

*Breathe and Release

Slowing down your life enough to stop and rest can be difficult. This class takes you to that place of deep rest, encouraging you to go inward, calm your mind and nervous system and relax in a way that is deep, healing and good for you in so many ways. Class will begin with pranayama, breath exercises, then move into long holds to rest and recover for the week ahead. 

Buti Flow

Buti Flow adds creativity to your vinyasa practice using the Spiral Structure Technique and primal movement. Set to an upbeat play list, this class will keep you moving. "Buti" is short for a Marathi Indian word which means "the cure which has been hidden". Activating energy centers using the SST expands the mind/body connection to shine light on that remedy within. Bring some water, an open mind, and a friend! 

Glow Flow

This vinyasa Flow Class is meant to make you sweat! You will move from pose to pose in a way that challenges you to drop focus out of your mind and into sensation. This well-rounded class will strengthen and lengthen all areas of your body. You will leave your mat feeling stronger, more centered and ready to take on life with a smile.

*Karma Community Flow

Karma means β€œto do,” action without any intention for reward. Our weekly karma flow offers the chance for you to give back to our community. 100% of all donations will go towards a family or organization who can use our love and support. This is an all levels class, all are welcome.

*Every Sunday at 11:00AM - This is a CASH DONATION ONLY class.

Serenity Through Strength

In this intermediate Hatha Yoga class, you will be guided through various gentle and advanced poses, holding from 30-60 seconds, in order to build strength, flexibility and balance. By practicing meditation and breath work during asana, you will learn to focus the mind and grow towards your Yoga goals. Welcome to our all-levels class, that invites you to step out of your comfort zone. Some experience is beneficial. 

*Slow Flow

This class still has the feel of a typical vinyasa while slowing down the pace of class. You will move with awareness while building both strength and balance on the yoga mat. Enjoy slowing down, moving mindfully and breathing deeply. Open to all levels.

Warrior Flow

Warrior flow is designed to awaken the soul. This vigorous and energizing practice focuses on building strength, serenity, flexibility and balance while emphasizing the linking of breath with movement. This vinyasa style class is open to all levels (though some experience with basic postures is encouraged), as options for arm balances and inversions are offered but not required.

Zen Yin

Long, slow and deep exhale into the quiet and stillness of peace. This style of yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body and fascia that covers the body to help regulate the flow of energy throughout ones vessel. Yin postures are more passive, mainly on the floor and held for extensive periods of time.

*YOGA FOR ALL - Classes marked with an asterisk (*) are offered by donation as a way to make yoga more accessible to everyone in our community. You are welcome to join these classes for whatever you can comfortably afford to pay. Class passes are also accepted as a form of payment.