Our Teachers


Bailey Davis

Bailey’s love for yoga grew in 2011 after living in Colorado where conscious movement and meditation changed her life. Through the connection, it tied to her inner and outer world and became her motivation to share the practice of self study with others. After completing her first YTT in 2014 Bailey began teaching and has evolved her style to infuse the practices of bhakti, pranayama and meditation into asana. Bailey strives to guide her students toward tenderness and the feeling of being at home in their bodies and lives. She believe that the practice of yoga reveals the heart and wholeness in each of us. When joining Bailey in class be prepared to move in a dynamic and sacred way inspired by breath and mindfulness!


Amanda Strauss

As a 500 Hour Certified Yoga teacher, and a healthy-lifestyle enthusiast, Amanda put into practice the three-body experience of Yoga; training the Physical body in strength and balance, the Astral body (Mind*) in awareness and self-control, and the Spiritual body (Soul/Self*) in compassion and unity. Amanda believes that with these principle yoga teachers can enhance their own quality of life, as well as the lives of their students. In Amanda’s classes it is important to emphasis the healing and restorative benefits of Yoga on the lymphatic system, the fascia and connective tissues, and the organs and endocrine system, on top of exercising the muscular and the skeletal systems. She is dedicated to the philosophy that a healthy body and mind equates to a happy and prosperous life. Not only does she strive to share her passion for health and fitness with her students, but also to create a welcoming environment and community within the classroom.


Rob Ginwright

Rob grew up in Birmingham Alabama and became fascinated with Yoga at the age of 23. He received his Certification from Birmingham Yoga in 2015 and began teaching Ashtanga Yoga at the Birmingham YMCA Shade Valley Branch. Rob has taught at the Birmingham YMCA Downtown Branch for over three years now and is in love with his profession. His motto is to “Focus on different avenues to bring health to the mind and body”. He enjoys the internal and external strength of Yoga and the awareness it brings to an individual day by day. Rob looks forward to helping people by dedicating great health practices and sharing his skills and experiences.


Michelle Jones

Michelle began doing Bikram yoga in 2012. She benefitted so much physically and personally that she went on to complete her 200hr certification in 2015. She is certified to teach the 26-series, Vinyasa, Buti, Hot Buti, and Deep. Her vinyasa based class combines primal movement with the Spiral Structure Technique to strengthen the spine and clear energetic blocks. Her instruction invites you to listen and guide yourself with honesty. Michelle’s hope is to empower others to develop their own practice. She created Untethered Sessions - an individualized program to build transformative personal growth. She likes to read and discuss books about relationships and spirituality. She’s a rescue-dog-mom and is engaged to the man who took them both to their first yoga class. She enjoys learning how to tend her garden and using it resourcefully. Michelle believes that everyone should have access to yoga instruction and prepares students to honor their internal guide.


Katie Boswell

Katie first came to yoga in spring of 2010 after learning about its wonderful effects on the body.  She began practicing yoga at home and was hooked after just one session.  She soon discovered yoga to be more than just a good stretch and began taking public classes that focused on connecting mind, body, and spirit.  In the fall of 2017, Katie took the plunge and enrolled in yoga teacher training at Birmingham Yoga under the guidance of Akasha Ellis & Heather Sullivan.  As of February 2018, Katie has been a certified yoga instructor. In May 2018, Katie became certified to teach chair yoga through India Henson and Becca Impello at Embody Practice Center in Birmingham, AL. When Katie is not teaching, she enjoys hiking, cooking, playing with her cats, and reading.  She very much enjoys practicing and learning about all types of yoga.  Her favorite styles to practice are Kundalini, Ashtanga, Yin, & Slow-Flow.  Next on the list to try: Acro!


Dana Long

After taking her very first yoga class in 2000 with teacher Stephanie Rubens, Dana was certainly hooked because of how it made her feel!  Initially trying yoga because she wanted to strengthen and tone her muscles, she soon found out how wonderful it feels to be present, mindful, open, aware, and still.  She loves how yoga quiets the mind, awakens the body, and replenishes the soul.  Dana completed her yoga teacher training in 2009 through Birmingham Yoga with Akasha Ellis and Laura Tyree.  She leads her classes by incorporating steadiness with ease, challenge with softness, and encourages her students to be exactly who they are...finding that beautiful yogic connection of body, mind and breath. 


Erin Fuson

Erin is a health and wellness coach and has been teaching yoga for three years. She completed a vinyasa-based training in Southern California but loves incorporating fluid, organic movements into her classes. She invites students to step out of their comfort zones - physically and mentally - to challenge and empower themselves. Erin believes that yoga has the power to transform and heal.


Rebeca Protasio